Leg Strap

Specifications & Sizing: 

- Made of elastic & velcro; rubber grip to prevent slippage; Black in color
- Two strap lengths; all leg straps are 2"W

   - Short strap is 25" & fits ~pants size 00-8
   - Long strap is 30" & fits ~pants size 4+
*Please Note* Leg strap can be worn on any part of the leg. For riders with larger thighs, below the knee may work better (use short strap for below the knee)

To replace the leg strap, fold the velcro end onto itself (to prevent the hook velcro from snagging the neoprene). Make sure the grip side is facing up and that the plastic buckle is on the right side. Slide the leg strap into the opening. If you pinch the end with the velcro to where it folds slightly in half, it will slide through the opening easier.

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